What is Raw hair? 

Raw Hair : hair that has not been altered by steam or chemical processing in anyway. It is the most natural, pure and 100% authentic hair on the market today. 

How much hair do I need ? 

Keeping in mind that the longer the hair the shorter the weft, more bundles are needed for a full look on longer lengths. We recommend:

2 or more bundles for lengths 12" - 16

3 or more bundles for lengths 18" - 24"

4 or more bundles 26" and longer. 

Can I color this hair ? 

This is 100% Raw Human Hair so it can be colored but be sure to go to a professional! 

How long will this hair last? 

This is Raw Indian hair so, with proper care, this hair can last years! To ensure you get full use of your bundles, please take care of them as though they were you own.


Are all of the bundles 1B?

No. Because this is natural and unprocessed hair, it does come in the natural hair color of the donor. Our bundles can range anywhere from a light brown to a natural black.

Returns ?

For sanitary reasons, we do not offer any returns. We do offer exchanges for certain circumstances. If you, for any reason, are unhappy with your purchase do not hesitate to email us. Thank you. 

Don't see the question your looking for ?

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